How Do I Make My Partner Stop Snoring?

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There’s nothing more relaxing than falling asleep next to your partner. You snuggle up, you close your eyes and enjoy feeling their chest rise and fall beneath you. You’ve never felt more at peace. That is until their mouth suddenly let’s rip a noise like a lawnmower…

It is totally jarring and it ruins your night’s sleep. What makes it perhaps even more irritating, is that your partner has no idea they are doing it. They continue sleeping peacefully, while you’re left to deal with it.

If it only happens rarely then it’s not too much to worry about, but if it becomes something that happens every night, it can cause big problems for a relationship. It can lead to resentment, knock-on effects on your health from lack of sleep, and lead to you sleeping in separate beds.

I’m sure that’s not what either of you wants…

Why has my partner suddenly started snoring?

Snoring happens when you struggle to breathe easily whilst asleep. Air can’t move freely through your nasal and throat passages, which in turn makes the surrounding tissues vibrate. Hence, creating the snoring sound.

Snorers usually have excessive tissue in their throat and nose so it is more likely to vibrate. This explains why some people are more likely to snore than others.

There are many potential causes of snoring and when you identify what it is that’s causing it, you can be on your way to tackling it. Other reasons for snoring include sinus problems, drinking alcohol before bed, smoking, being overweight or your age. If you have excessive tissue in your air passages, sleeping flat on your back can make you more prone to snoring.

How do I tell my partner that their snoring is bugging me?

Remember first and foremost that you love your partner, so you don’t want to offend them. Likewise, they love you and don’t want to be ruining your sleep quality. We all know how important sleep is to us!

Your partner will probably be a little embarrassed when you approach the issue, so be kind. Despite your frustration, try to keep your cool and speak gently and rationally. They may become defensive if they feel attacked.

Make sure that you choose the right time to address the issue. If you discuss it first thing in a morning or last thing at night, then you’re likely to be more tired and cranky. (And we all know how badly things go when you’re cranky…)

Try to approach it in a playful way, but don’t tease them. Also, don’t bring it up in front of friends; I’m sure you wouldn’t want them doing the same thing to you. Sleep is personal and snoring is seen as a negative thing so they may feel embarrassed for other people to know that they snore.

So what can I do to make my partner stop snoring?

While you can’t personally stop your partner from snoring, there are some suggestions you could make to them to try to rectify the situation.

Clear their nasal passages before bed. It seems pretty simple, but some people need a little extra help on top of ‘blowing their nose’. If their nose is particularly stuffy, they could try a saline rinse to clear their sinuses. If they get a stuffy nose due to allergies, make sure that you are keeping on top of the dusting in your bedroom, and clear up pet hair, to avoid allergic reactions.

Alter your sleeping position. When the nasal passages become blocked, an easy way to make it easier to breathe is to raise your head. Rising your head by about 4 inches helps to lower the jaw and the tongue, opening up the airways. You can buy special pillows specifically designed to prevent snoring by making sure the neck muscles aren’t crimped. Also, sleeping on your side instead of your back can help prevent snoring.

Avoid alcohol before bed. Not only does alcohol prevent you from having a deep restful sleep, it also reduces the resting tone of the muscles in the throat. This, in turn, makes you more likely to snore.

Losing weight could help. Maintaining a healthy weight and diet is important for lots of reasons, but it can also help you stop snoring too. The excessive fatty tissue around the throat can obstruct the air passages, making it harder for air to flow freely.

You should never have to suffer in silence, so make sure you communicate with your partner and let them know if their snoring is becoming a problem. Earplugs should be a last resort. If your partner is struggling to stop snoring, then consult your doctor and get a full medical evaluation to determine the cause and the right treatment.

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