Prickles The Hedgehog 🦔🎈 Rewind Story
Koala Moon - Episode 122Prickles The Hedgehog 🦔🎈 Rewind Story
Unlock Prickles The Hedgehog 🦔🎈 Rewind StoryPlay Prickles The Hedgehog 🦔🎈 Rewind Story
In tonight’s bedtime story for kids, we have a specially selected Koko Rewind, where we'll meet Prickles the hedgehog who loves going to parties and having a wonderful time with his friends. He loves seeing balloons at parties and thinks there’s something quite magical about them. But there’s a problem - no matter how hard he tries, Prickles always manages to accidentally pop the balloons with his spikes! His friends see how upset this makes their kind friend, so they come up with a clever way to help him. Relax, get sleepy, and let’s begin!
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