Stunning Bedtime
Sounds, Stories
And Meditations

Routed in science, Sleepiest has developed the most beautiful collection of bedtime sounds, stories and meditations proven to help you fall asleep in minutes.

All bundled into one convenient sleep app.

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Why Get Sleepiest?

Sleepiest is a sleep app that uses carefully selected sounds, stories and meditations proven to help you get to sleep up to 11X faster.

Download Sleepiest today and wake up happy.

World Renowned Voice Actors

The narrators in Sleepiest are world class. With award winning voices from film and radio.

Top-Notch Musicians & Audio Engineers

We've hired the best musicians and audio engineers we can find to ensure our soundscapes and stories are simply stunning.

Stunning Sleep Inducing App

The entire Sleepiest experience has been carefully constructed to help get you off to sleep straight away, every night.

How Sleepiest Helps

Sleepiest has been meticulously crafted to help ensure you get a good nights sleep, every night.

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Bedtime Stories & Meditations

We have a selection of amazing stories you're sure to have heard of including The Jungle Book, Sherlock Holmes, The Wizard Of Oz and many more.

Our bedtime stories and meditations are narrated by world class, award winning voice actors from film and radio, which have then been carefully mastered by our top-notch audio engineers.

With such a wide selection of both free and premium bedtime stories and meditations available; you're sure to find something you like.

Compose Your Own

The Composer tool allows you to create your own Sleep Sounds. ideal for those of you who like to fine-tune your sleep meditation.

With 70+ noises, sound bites and instruments to choose from, you can create your own harmonious masterpiece to help you drift off into the Land of Nod.

The composer also features binaural beats functionality, which clinical studies highlight can be effective in altering brain state, encouraging a quicker, deeper sleep.

Sleepiest has sounds for every occasion.

Dream Inducing Sounds

We've teamed up with top-notch audio engineers to produce some stunning soundscapes.

We've got everything; from the gentle pitter patter of rain, the calm rolling of ocean waves, to the warm humming of a spaceship, and so much more!

No matter what background noise you like to drift off to; we've got you covered.

Meticulously Crafted

Everything from the colors we use, to the style of voices and background effects have been carefully selected to help ensure you drift off quickly and easily.

With the Sleep Reminder function in Sleepiest, you can get a gentle prompt that it's time to start thinking about heading to bed. Plus our custom alarm can gently wake you up each morning. All our stories, both free and premium can be previewed quickly and easily. Simply long press any of the tiles in the Sleepiest app for a short sample.

You can hear the quality oozing from each and every track!

An Ever Expanding Catalogue Of Content

Our library of content is ever expanding, with new stories, meditations and sounds being added each week.

We're commissioning more content from narrators and audio engineers that prove the most popular. If you find a particular track you like, you can be confident knowing there's likely more on the way.

There's also loads of new features and improvements always being added to the app. Helping to ensure Sleepiest continues to improve and remain the best sleep app of it's kind available.

Amazing Meditations, Stories And Sounds

Download Sleepiest today. Get a good nights sleep, and wake up happy.

Available on iOS.

Sleepiest is available on the full range of iOS Devices, from iPhone to iPad

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What Our Users Have To Say

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