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Just 5 days of Sleepiest can help you sleep an average of 32 minutes longer each night.

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Join over 2 million people around the world improving their health & happiness with Sleepiest.

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I love listening to the stories before bed, I’m not sure what kind o

f magic happens but I never make it to the end before I’m in a deep sleep. Wonderful investment.


Amazing. Had really bad insomnia before using this app and after liste

ning to these bedtime stories I fall asleep within the first 5-10 minutes.


I suffer from insomnia, and I find many of the features helpful to fal

ling asleep. The stories and sounds are very relaxing, and calming to my wandering mind. I highly recommend it.


I downloaded this app and was like “is it really going to help me fa

ll asleep faster?” And it did. I was asleep within 5 minutes!

B. shizzle

I have a very tough time sleeping and this app so far is my favorite.

I notice a huge difference between the time it takes me to fall asleep when I’m using it versus when I’m not. 5 stars!


This app is not only beautiful, but works. I love the stories and soun

ds. Soothing and calming and really has made a difference.

Little Dunk

I never had a huge problem falling asleep until I began to work differ

ent shifts at work. I figured I’d give this app a try and it was truly a game changer.


I didn’t expect this app to work but as soon as I got it I wanted to

listen to one of the stories and I was out like a light.I would fully recommend this app.

Bri Parker

It really helps me sleep!!! I never found something to take my mind of

f absolutely everything. I have ADHD, insomnia, and anxiety, and this works wonders.

Stephanie C-F

Every night I have used this app, I’ve been asleep with minutes. I h

ighly recommend the sleep sounds.

Over 250+ sleep sounds, stories & meditations to help you sleep better

Sleep with
bedtime stories

Our selection of bedtime stories range from classics such as; ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to Sleepiest Originals such as ‘The Adventures of Koko', 'The Wise Elephant' and 'The Jupiter Twins'.

Relax with
sleep sounds

Our soothing sleep sounds range from those found in nature, with titles such as 'Storms Rolling In' and 'Gentle Stream', to originally crafted soundscapes like 'Rain On Route 66' as well as relaxing sleep music such as the wildly popular 'Waves Of Atlantis.'

Find calm with
sleep meditations

Sleep meditations are one of the most exciting new areas of Sleepiest; with titles such as 'Getting Back to Sleep' and 'Calm a Racing Mind', as well as meditation story hybrids such as 'The Magical West Highland Line' which the community has fallen asleep to over 1 million times!

Compose your own sleep sound

Heavy Rain
Heavenly Drift
Car Tone

Sleep tracking

New from the sleep lap our sleep analysis will give you insights into what's happening within your sleep cycle, helping to identify how much time you spend in light, rem and deep sleep throughout the night. Celebrate your Sleepiest success with weekly sleep reports.

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Once Upon a Nap
05 : 46
Dreaming of Barcelona
25 : 00
Why it Works?
11 : 16
The Secret Garden
29 : 32
Sherlock Holmes
1 : 22 : 00
The Secret Garden
29 : 32
Sherlock Holmes
1 : 22 : 00

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Chronic Pain

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