Embracing Our Continual Growth
Sleep Magic - Episode 76Embracing Our Continual Growth
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In tonight's Sleep Hypnosis with Jessica, we are stepping into the expansion that comes with ageing. As much as we recoil in horror at the concept of ageing, age brings some pretty great stuff. Wisdom, knowledge, confidence... Let's celebrate the fact that we can always continue to grow, even when we already think we are all “grown up”.  First, we'll start with some relaxing insight from Jessica (00:00-05:06) Before tonight's Sleep Hypnosis (05:06-45:23) As the birthdays have ticked by, Jessica has realized that we don’t stop growing. We don’t stop changing. We continue to expand, to learn, and even to create. Creation never ends. Nor should it. It’s pretty trippy… but we continue to want things, to influence our worlds, and to reach new horizons. And it’s yin and yang, 101. Our bodies are material, more yang… and they eventually contract. But our minds, and our inner beings, are more vibrational, more yin, and continue to expand.  Join Sleep Magic Premium ✨ in just two taps! Enjoy 2 bonus episodes a month plus all episodes ad-free and show your support to Jessica.  Love the Sleep Magic Podcast? Please subscribe & leave a review ⭐️ How are we doing with Sleep Magic? Click here to let us know 🙌 Keep up with Jessica and share feedback by following us on Instagram: @sleepiestapp TikTok:@sleepmagicjess About Sleep Magic  ✨ Sleep Magic ✨ is a podcast from the creators of Sleep Wave that harnesses the power of Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation to help you fall asleep easily every night, hosted by hypnotherapist Jessica Porter. Alongside helping you drift off into a deep sleep, we’re also going to spend time talking about all the different things that go into being, well, human! From releasing worries to building self-love, we’ll dive deep into how we can improve our relationship with ourselves, as well as our sleep, one night at a time.
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