The Sleepiest February On Record 😴

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The Sleepiest February On Record

It’s February already, and we are fully back into the swing of things in the year of 2023! February can be a particularly rough month for sleep, which you may well have noticed. Whether it be the cumulative effects of short dark winter days for those of you in the northern hemisphere, or of the longer brighter sleepless days of Summer for those of you down under, in February we are drawing towards the end of the season, and on average sleeping just a little less. Whether you’re feeling a little worn out and brought down by bad weather, or feeling energised and rested, and wanting to keep it that way, Sleepiest is here for you! Here’s a round-up of our February releases to keep you snoozing no matter what.

Coming February 2023 On Sleepiest

This Month’s Sleepiest App Highlights

We have some great new stories coming out in February. Highlights include the heartwarming Love On Valentines Day, which goes live on the 13th, a story of a surprise meeting between old flames in the most unexpected circumstances, read to you in the deep tones of Jack Bair. From February 6th, look out for ‘Old Friends’, read by the wonderful Mark Holgate, where we trace the tale of three friends who meet at university, and see how their paths unwind and intersect over the following years. And, when you’re ready to feel particularly cosy, listen to A. A Milne’s classic, Winnie-the-Pooh. This endearing tale, much loved by both adults and children alike will be going live on the app on February 27th. It is read by our brand new voice, Natalie Naudus, an award winning audiobook narrator and social media influencer who lives with her family on a mountain in Virginia. Already “A fave among audiobook listeners” (Buzzfeed), we are so happy to welcome Natalie to the Sleepiest team.

Meditating In February

In the meditation world, there’s lots for you to look forward to, including the latest piece from Joel Pimm on February 16th; Ecological Healing: The Pacific Ocean. In this thoughtful visualisation you can immerse yourself in a marine ecosystem and strengthen your connection to this unknown world and the species that reside there. On the 9th, we are bringing you Sheylla Gonçalves’ Healing Body Scan, read by Steve West, who will guide you to relax each muscle in your body, mastering your physical relaxation so that the mind follows suit.

Introducing Moshe Halperin

We are also thrilled to introduce you to musician Moshe Halperin this month, who has written some beautiful medicine music for the Sleepiest App, which aims to help you drift off with a sense of inner calm and peace. According to Moshe, Music is a universal language and healer, connecting us to our stories and our hearts and helps guide us into deep states of relaxation. His music has been inspired by the sounds and songs of many cultures, including Brazil and the Amazon. Holding singing circles for the last 20 years, Moshe has learnt songs and prayers from many cultures and many languages from all over the world. The traditions of songs that he has studied teach us how to pay attention, listen deeply and find meaning in everyday life. On the Sleepiest App, Moshe’s medicine music acts as a gateway to your subconscious, healing you through relaxation, and soothing your anxieties as you drift off to sleep.

Look out for Moshe’s first piece, Free Your Mind, which is inspired by the simple idea that if we can just let go and free our minds then a felt sense of deep peace can arise within and around us. Moshe starts with classical guitar and introduces Shakuhachi Japanese flute and then the lyrics ‘Free your mind, you know you can’ a reminder that it’s ok to let go of all our grasping and clinging, as on the other side of that is a sense of peace.

Hector and Sunny on the Koko Sleep Podcast

What’s going on in the Podcast world?

Well, you’re in for a treat this month!

It’s a big month for Hector and Sunny on the Koko Sleep Podcast, who are not only visiting the Land Of Nod, where the sleepy snoozle-woozles roam, but are also jetting off to Mars! Listen out for other original stories, too, including Dinky The Tiny Giraffe, and The Cat’s Pyjamas! You can also, as always, rely on the Sleep Wave and Sleep Magic Podcasts to not only send you to sleep, but also to calm your mind, offer some wisdom, and make you more relaxed than you thought possible.

We hope you enjoy each and every story, meditation and soundscape this month, and wish you the deepest sleep, comfiest lie-ins and most rejuvenating power-naps all year round.

Sweet Dreams,

The Sleepiest Team

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