Catch those 💤’s in March

This month’s dreamy content from Sleepiest.
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Catch those zzz's in March

What a month we have in store for you! This month, we’re introducing you to new voices and writers, and celebrating the return of some of your Sleepiest favourites. From strolling through the hills of Scotland, to strutting around the house following a pampered cat, we will be taking you on all sorts of adventures, and we also have medicine musicians and forensic psychologists joining the team to help you clear your mind and open up to feeling good.

The Wandering Shepherd by Joel Pimm

What’s new on the Sleepiest App? ⭐

We have some fantastic meditations for you this month. Highlights include The Wandering Shepherd by Joel Pimm, a transportative visualisation which will have you tending sheep in the rolling wilderness of Scotland, where you’ll explore your connection to the land, and to the animals who trust you and look to you for protection. Your guide, Max Howarth, will lead you on this journey, as you bask in the harmonious complexity of nature, and find peace in your solitude. We also welcome Forensic Psychologist Susan Verwayen to the team, who will teach you mindful techniques that will not only help you sleep, but that are especially designed to help you cope with, and overcome, any memories and emotions that trouble you, and keep you up at night. Look out for her first piece, Anchoring in the Present, on March 2nd.

A tale of two cities

In storyland, look out for the launch of our new voice, Stephen Graybill, who will narrate A Tale Of Two Cities: The Marriage, and The Story Of Steve Jobs this month. Stephen has a vast wealth of creative experience, on screen, stage and in the studio, and his smooth American voice makes him a perfect story teller- you’re going to love him. We’ll also return to Glenarm once more, just in time for St Patrick’s day, in Return to Ireland: St Patrick’s Day narrated by the wonderful Adam Moore. And, a final highlight I just had to mention for you cat lovers, will be The Lazy Kitty, narrated by Pauline Constantine. This funny story has us spending a day in the life of Feargal, a much loved, mischievous persian cat, who swans about the neighbourhood like he owns the place.

It’s another good month for you soundscape lovers too. Our medicine musician Moshe Halperin is back with another carefully crafted track, called Tell me in my Dreams.

Medicine Music

Moshe created this beautiful piece with his own experiences in mind, having learnt that sometimes it's in our dreams or in our sleep that the clearest messages or insights come. He believes that when the chattering of our minds is quietened, messages from unseen worlds can more easily be heard. This piece guides you to ask for guidance and clarity in your sleep so that when you wake the answer is there for you. Make sure to listen to this, especially when you have an unresolved question, fear or decision to make - instead of letting questions and worries swirl around your mind all night, let them out into the universe, and see what clarity comes to you in your sleep. To celebrate its launch, this track will be free for the whole of March! We hope you enjoy it.

We have some great stories, meditations and hypnosis coming up in the Pod World, too. 🎙️

Hector and Sunny are back

On Koko Sleep, Hector and Sunny are back, and this time they're hitting the silver screen, on an adventure to Hollywoof! This is such a funny story, and not just for kids- if any of you adults fancy some imaginative escapism, give Koko Sleep a try- you just might love it. We also have Joel Pimm back for some amazing children’s meditation, perfect for any anxious or energetic little ones. Meditation is a healthy and powerfully helpful habit to cultivate in any kid, teaching them about gratitude and kindness, and giving them tools they need to self-soothe and regulate their worries and emotions. It works wonders- if you haven’t already, give it a try, and watch as your child falls in love with bedtime.

On Sleep Magic, we have some amazing pieces coming up like Get Sleepy In The Santa Monica Mountains, and on Sleep Wave, we’re giving Yoga Nidra a whirl! Check Karissa and Jessica’s shows out whenever you’re looking for a quiet moment to yourself, or for some healing insight for any problem or worry you may be facing.

Sleep Awareness Week

Finally, Sleep Awareness Week will soon be upon us! To celebrate, we’re inviting you to take control of your sleep routine. Whether you're looking to learn more about how to sleep better with our Sleep Training program or track your progress over time with our automated Sleep Analysis, our app is here to help. With personalized insights into your sleep data, Sleepiest can help you improve your habits and get the restful sleep you need to feel your best.

Wishing you all a happy March, and as always, sweet dreams. The Sleepiest Team x

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