Sleep Sounds: How You Can Use Them To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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With over 70 million people suffering from insomnia in America alone, it seems pretty apparent that there is a sleep epidemic.

I’m sure that the increases in technology don’t help very much, as people stay up on their mobile phones until late at night. We also have excessively active lifestyles so we may find it harder to wind down at the end of the day.

So more and more people are asking for help when it comes to finding ways to drift off to sleep at night.

Can the sound of silence actually be a negative?

While some people like to fall asleep in silence, many people end up tossing and turning in bed. They dislike having nothing to distract themselves with or use to actively relax their whirring brains. So one of the answers to this issue could be in drifting off to sleep whilst surrounded by sounds.

Sounds a bit odd, right? Surely we shouldn’t want any sounds to keep us awake. But there is a proven science to the positive influences that sleep sounds can have.

When we sleep, we still register external sounds and process them in a part of the brain called the auditory cortex. But don’t worry, there’s no need to feel like you have to tiptoe around your partner next time you come home late; everybody has different sensitivities to sounds.

Depending on the kind of brain waves we produce whilst asleep, depends on how much of a ‘light sleeper’ we are. I’m sure we all know someone who could sleep through an earthquake, and then another person who wakes up at the sound of a pin drop. It’s all down to how our brains react to certain sounds; whether we find them alarming or relaxing.

Sleep sounds could be the answer – but every person likes something different

It’s hard to tell what sort of sounds wake us up from our slumber. All sounds are relevant to different people – what one person finds distressing, another associate with a positive memory. It’s all relative!

After all, to somebody who’s not a dog-person, the sound of a dog barking can be distressing…

There’s a thousand different sleep sounds you could listen to out there to help you drift off to sleep, but you could end up sifting through a dozen before you find one that works for you.

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