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Over 1630+ sleep sounds, stories & meditations to help you sleep better

Tales Of A Housesitter: Endless Paddy FieldsSherlock’s Twilight Years: An Uncovered PastA Twist Of Fate in CloverbridgeLove On A Norwegian River CruiseA Summer Fair Mystery The Magic Book: The Mystic WaterfallAmongst The Lavender Fields, Chapter ThreeThe Night Before ForeverMr Mackee’s Marvellous Book Collection: Aesops FablesThe Story Of Ruth Bader GinsbourgWinnie-the-Pooh, Part Two Tales Of The Bard: Viola In IlyriaA Ramble to the LighthouseA Bright Birthday In CloverbridgeHiking Machu Picchu
Kafka Agatha's Untold Mysteries: The Scarlet CoatWinter At The Cornish Cat CafeA Picnic In Hyde ParkThe Story Of Dolly PartonThe Lost LyricsThe Story Of Queen Elizabeth IIThe Cornish Cat CafeSherlock's Twilight Years: The Dinner Party MysteryTales Of The Bard: Bassanio in VeniceTales Of A Housesitter: Evenings on the LanaiBeauty And The Secret SpellLiving Amongst DragonsGrandpa's Christmas StoriesChristmas In Cloverbridge

Listen To Our Award Winning Sleep Podcasts

Shows from our best voice actors for adults and kids, available directly in the Sleepiest app.

Koala Moon - Kids Bedtime Stories & Meditations

Bedtime Stories For Kids With Abbe

A podcast of original bedtime stories and meditations for children, designed to make bedtimes a dream.

(397 Episodes Available)
Night Falls - Bedtime Stories For Sleep

Bedtime Stories By Geoffrey

Spoken in soothing tones and mixed with soft sounds and sleep music. If you struggle with sleep, just let go and spend a night at the falls.

(228 Episodes Available)
Sleep Magic - Sleep Hypnosis & Meditations

Sleep Hypnosis From Jessica

Sleep Magic is a podcast from the creators of Sleepiest that harnesses the power of Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation to help you fall asleep easily every night.

(203 Episodes Available)
Sleep Wave - Meditations, Stories & Hypnosis

Sleep Meditations By Karissa

Our podcast hosted by Karissa Vacker, our award winning voice and meditation guide, bringing you 6 original episodes a month.

(202 Episodes Available)

Latest Reviews From Real People

Simply our latest reviews, good and bad, pulled directly from the app store.


"Wonderful love it”

United States - July 10, 2024

Love it

"Sleepiest has help me fall asleep and made me feel calm”

United Kingdom - July 6, 2024

app is very slow

"i’ve been using this app for a while but i’ve noticed how slow + difficult it is to work sometimes, it freezes and now its starting to randomly play instrumentals when i didnt even click on them. plus it unexpectedly stops playing and says i have a weak connection when i don’t. otherwise the stories and sounds it has are very good i love it”

United States - July 3, 2024


"I listen to a story every night and fall asleep so much faster. Very relaxing and peaceful to help calm the mind.”

United States - July 8, 2024


"Slow to add new content, its not my go to sleep app”

United Kingdom - July 5, 2024

The Best

"This has helped me go to sleep for years thank you for sharing all ok your story’s with me and the rest of the world 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️Bye…………….”

United States - July 3, 2024


"I love sleepiest. I struggle getting to sleep at night but listening to the stories really help me. I would highly recommend”

United Kingdom - July 7, 2024

Nope not good

"Choose wisely what you fall asleep to. This message has zero meaning and has nothing to do with life. A good life.”

United States - July 4, 2024


"Would enjoy more of a selection that isn’t subscriber based”

United States - July 3, 2024

Soothing Bedtime Stories for Better Sleep

Enjoy our collection of over 450+ calming bedtime stories to help you relax and get a better night's sleep. Choose from a variety of genres, including classic fairytales and guided meditations, to find the perfect story for you.

Download Sleepiest today and experience the power of soothing bedtime stories for better sleep.

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Relax and Sleep Soundly with Sleepiest's Sleep Sounds

Sleepiest's 90+ soothing sleep sounds are designed to promote relaxation and improve your sleep quality. From gentle rain to ocean waves and white noise, our soundscapes are carefully crafted to mask disruptive noises and create a peaceful sleep environment.

Download Sleepiest today and start enjoying a better night's sleep.

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abbe opher
abbe opher

Sleep Meditations for Deeper Relaxation

Sleepiest's 290+ sleep meditations can help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation for a better night's sleep. Our guided meditations cover a range of topics, including mindfulness, gratitude, and body relaxation, all designed to quiet your mind and promote relaxation.

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Tap to enable a sound. Tap and hold while dragging left/right to change the volume.

Create Your Perfect Sleep Soundscape

Sleepiest's mixer tool allows you to create a customized sleep soundscape by layering different looping sounds such as rain, thunder, and wind. With endless possibilities for combining sounds and over 90+ unique sounds to choose from, you can create the perfect sleep environment to help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Create your personalized sleep soundscape today.

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Track Your Sleep Easily with Automatic Sleep Tracking

Sleepiest's sleep tracking feature allows you to effortlessly track your sleep each night without having to manually start tracking each night. Once enabled, our technology uses your phone's motion data to monitor your sleep and provide you with detailed insights into your sleep quality.

With Sleepiest's automatic sleep tracking, you can easily identify patterns and trends in your sleep habits, such as how long you sleep and how often you wake up during the night. Our user-friendly interface provides you with easy-to-understand sleep data that can help you make adjustments to your sleep routine and improve your overall sleep quality.

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Discover the Science of Sleep in our How Sleep Works Course

Produced by world-renowned sleep expert Sophie Bostock; our 'How Sleep Works' course provides a comprehensive understanding of how sleep works and practical strategies for improving your sleep habits.

Covering topics such as sleep regularity, optimal sleep environment, stress, brain activity during sleep, and sleep stages, this course is designed to help you achieve the restful, restorative sleep you need.

Take the first step, try Sleepiest for free today.

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Sleepiest in Numbers

With millions of users across the globe, Sleepiest is the go-to app for anyone looking to improve their sleep.

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At Sleepiest, we believe that a good night's sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. That's why we're on a mission to help get the world sleeping better, one person at a time. We understand the frustration and stress that come with poor sleep, and we're here to help.

Join us in our mission to help the world sleep better. Try Sleepiest for free today and start your journey to better sleep.

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With Over 44.7k Reviews